Cell Phone Surveillance - How to Secretly Spy on a Cell Phone Like a Private Investigator

Simple cell phone surveillance software are being used on a daily basis by spouses, employers or concerned parents to determine what is going on with their love ones or employees. Spying on a mobile phone has always been seen as something that is done only by the professionals or maybe in a James bond movie. However you no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars paying a private investigator but you can use the same cell phone spy software as they do. You can pay from $40.00 to $325.00USD for a phone surveillance application depending on what features you would like. A typical rule of thumb is that the more features you are interested in the more you pay and that is generally with everything in life. You will have the Rolls Royce of surveillance software and the Suzuki but from my experience many will get you the same place. The top of the line apps allow you to listen to phone conversations, use the phone as a microphone or even record conversations for later use if you are willing to spend over $200.00USD on the yearly subscription.

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What are minimal cell phone surveillance features you would need?

Many persons can't afford to spend that kind of money or are reluctant to for one reason or another. Therefore I get a lot of questions pertaining to what are the best features or the minimal features necessary to get the job done. Well if you are going to be doing any surveillance on someone's cell phone you really need at minimal to see calls coming and leaving the cell phone and the ability to read text messages is also crucial. Many people underestimate the importance of SMS message spying. In my experience this is where everything comes to light for example sexting in the case of teenagers or incriminating text messages when dealing with a cheating spouse. SMS spying is one of the best ways to know the truth about a particular situation it almost never fails.

Is there a mobile phone spy app that you recommend?

A spy app I recommend to my friends and persons who want a solution at a good price is Spybubble. It does not only give you the basic features which are absolutely necessary but it also has a great GPS tracking module. GPS tracking tells you exactly where a cell phone is at a particular point in time. Therefore if your child is suppose to be at school and your application tell you they are at someone's home then it is time to get moving. The best part about this cell phone surveillance software is that it is quick and easy to implement. You do not need to be a technical person to get it to work however you do need at least 5 minutes in which to install it onto the mobile phone. That is the only catch with this type of spy software and that is you need physical control of the phone in order to install the phone spy software. Once it has been installed then all the information you have been craving for will be available.

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