Check in Quietly With Cell Phone Surveillance

Now why on Earth would you be looking for information about cell phone surveillance? Because with the ability to look at your video security system from your cell phone you could check in at your house or a second home or perhaps check on your pet, your nanny or cheating spouse while you are at work during the day ;-)

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Yes, I have heard it all. Maybe you have a large high tech state of the art office with a high tech state of the art wireless video surveillance system and you want to make sure everything is running in tippety top shape and at optimal speeds, all vital systems operational-check, auto programs have started running and all maintenance tasks are going as scheduled, check, employees in the office doing work and not spending half the day on social networking sites, ok, we'll skip that one. Maybe you need a cell phone surveillance system ONLY for that instead, lol. Only, kidding, respect people's privacy, but you know that you need to give them fair warning if you are going to be using your little homemade cell phone surveillance system to 'spy' on them. A Word of Wise to Employees: Just say no when your company offers you a desktop computer or laptop computer, desk phone, cell phone and BlackBerry and you have absolutely nothing to be worried about :)

For those of you wondering if it is REALLY possible to use your cell phone for surveillance, yes, it is and there are also a few ways to do it. Be advised, there are quite a few variables from the kind of cell phone you have, to the type of surveillance system you have or decide to purchase so do your due diligence and check with the surveillance company before you make any final impulse or final purchases. Let's get into the basics and then we can expand on it a wee bit later. Alrighty then let's begin.

First off, if the cell phone surveillance system is a recent model it usually offers an alarm notification to any cell phone, BlackBerry or text message pager via sms text message. That means when your alarm sounds at your house, glass break, motion detector etc, you will receive a text message alarming you. Of course you will be frantic because you will have no idea what in the heck is going on, but hey, at least you are in know.

Secondly, if you want to see and get the first hand experience of being there in the moment from your cell phone video surveillance system, you can do that as well. You too, can watch the psycho person (could very well be your ex) rummage and stomp up all your hydrangea flowers as they throw the patio umbrella through the back window and you can see it as the plot thickens and plays out. In this case, you will need to have a cell phone, smartphone, or Pocket PC that has a Windows Operating System with a Media Player and Internet Explorer i.e. Motorola MPX200, Microsoft, HP and Dell. One of these cell phones paired with a cell phone capable surveillance system which recognizes you are browsing from the mobile cell phone or handheld device as opposed to from your computer when you are checking in online, will also work.

Thirdly, is that a such word, lol?!? some video surveillance manufacturers also make systems where they provide you with a 'special' cell phone packaged with the surveillance equipment that allows you to check in at your leisure.

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